Some of the things we worked on. For more info, please contact us!

Web site - and Android App - for nature Park Papuk (iOS app je u razvoju) Development by DitDot ( and Surogat doo
We provided tech consutancy and support for exhibition by Jelena Remetin "There Are people In Any Place" in Lauba, 22.3. - 2.4. 2016. Using methods of augmented reality (AR) on mobile devices, visitors enjoyed delicate and poetic interactive story. More info about the project can be found HERE.
Augmented reality (AR) game to be played on Barone Fortress in Šibenik. Game is simulating sea battle - players are defending City which is attacked from the sea by firing Fortress cannons.
Baroque cathedral built in 1713. is the seat of Dubrovnik’s catholic bishops and archbishops. It is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. In beautiful architectural envelope it holds numerous works of arts and famous relics. Cathedral is erected above archaelogical remains of early medieval and Romanesque cathedral showing millennial continuity in beeing a focal point of spiritual life in Dubrovnik
Multimedia DVD Monograph for 150th celebration of CNT - Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb (Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Zagrebu) About Contents: CNT history CNT building monograph Virtual tours of main building, and other buildings used by CNT - check out our SAMPLE→ Drama, Opera nad Ballet ensemble searchable database - bio, performances, pictures (2275) Last 15 year performances, artists, authors...
Dubrovnik Summer Festival (DSF) Multimedia monograph on DVD (6 years) and on USB stick / card (2012.) About Dubrovnik Summer festival (DSF) is among the oldest european festivals. Long ago DSF realized that printing a monograph each year is not practical and also expensive, so they turned to "virtual monograph".   Currently DSF DVD Monograph database covers last 15 years (1997. - 2011.). Digging back in archive for database...
Body controlled virtual tour. Sensor MS Kinect. 10000 visitors. About Along with our "standard" touch screen exhibition, for this event we prepared something new - depth sensing camera (MS Kinect) based body (hand) controlled virtual tour navigation. Whole event was a big success. Mimara Museum recorded large number of visitors (more than 11000), and large percentage also visited our space. It all happened during one day (night)!
Fort Revelin in Dubrovnik. Theme: hidden Dubrovnik spaces - multimedia interactive content. About Visitors are able to see archive documents, walk through summer residences and parks, peak at the Cathedral, flip the old coins of the Dubrovnik Republic, visit Ston and Konavle… on eight large touch screens. Virtual museum realistically shows unavailable historical material which is unknown to wide audience. Project is realized by Surogat...