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Interactive publications

Interactive multimedia publications for iPad, Android tablets. We do the same for PC and Mac.

E - books

We do multimedia E-books. Your work may be published on Apple Bookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, Apple App Store, Google Pla Store. We may do others - let us know!

Interactive tables, walls, other surfaces

Interactive multimedia presentations everywhere! Interactive table, wall, store display, various projection or other surfaces,.. Creativity (sometimes the budget) is the only limit!

Motion control

Motion controlled interaction with computers. We use various methods - body controlled interaction with MS Kinect or PrimeSense sensors, or hand based control using Leap Motion contoller. Also we may analyse real time video and detect the motion.

Virtual museum / exhibition / visualization

Interactive multimedia exhibitions. We help you present content which is not accessible, or provide additional info for content. Great for museums, galleries, exhibition centers,...

Special camerawork

Photographs, panoramic photographs, 3360° objects photography (for web or multimedia presentations) 3D scanning / 3D print Video (chroma key) recording for integrating objects or persons into photographs, 3D scenes, other videos... 


If you decide to work with other vendors - you probably still need someone to plan, document, envision, analyse, verify, lead and assure quality of your projects. Search no more!

Digital Monograph

Digital monographs on DVD, memory USB stick, SD card, iPad, Android tablet… We take records of years, decades, centuries of activity, and translate it to searchable interactive multimedia content!

Touch Screen Solutions

Software for multimedia presentations. Along with projects we work on, we can deliver touch screen hardware (all-in-one, or custom made) - from 1 to 32 point multi touch.